Live Wires Children’s Ministry

Live Wires (Pre-School & Kindergarten)

Welcome to Live Wires!

Live Wires is the House of Praise group for pre-school and kindergarten children.

Live Wires is overseen by Caitlin Littleton together with a dedicated .

Live Wires takes place during the whole of the Sunday morning service except for the 1st Sunday of each month when we join together to worship and celebrate communion as a whole church family.

Live Wires includes worship (together with ), prayer, Bible stories, games, crafts and more.

Our purpose is to provide your child a safe and fun place to come where he/she can learn about and experience God.

We work to partner together with parents to help your children to grow spiritually.

Children of regular members of House of Praise should be registered.

Casual visitors are welcome and will be asked to ‘sign-in’.

Please note that children of Kindergarten age and younger should register with Live Wires or Bright Sparks.

Venue & Times:

Live Wires meet in the MTI room (ground floor at rear of cafeteria – right hand room).
Live Wires meet during the whole of the morning service, 9-10.30am (*except on the 1st Sunday of the month).
Sign children in to Live Wires before the service (9am).

If you arrive late and the children have already gone upstairs to join Transformers for worship after 9.15am:

Either take your children up to the top floor and sign in with the Live Wires leader there.
Or sign-in downstairs when they return after worship from 9.45am.
Live Wires will join Transformers for worship (top floor, auditorium 3) between 9:15-9:50.
Please collect children promptly after the service.
Please keep your phone on vibrate during the service so we can contact you if needed.
If you would like to get involved in leading or assisting with Live Wires, please .
*On the 1st Sunday of the month:

The children join together with the adults in the main auditorium to worship and celebrate communion as a whole church family.
The children then go downstairs to their group after the worship. (Sign in downstairs at that time).