Bright Sparks Children’s Ministry

Bright Sparks (Toddlers)

Welcome to Bright Sparks!

Bright Sparks is the House of Praise group for toddlers (and parents and babies). Bright Sparks is overseen by Christina Offner together with a dedicated team of volunteers.

Bright Sparks children accompany parents in the main auditorium for the worship time and can then be signed in downstairs for the teaching time.

Our purpose is to provide your child a safe and caring environment within the church family. Children of regular members of House of Praise should be registered.Casual visitors are welcome and will be asked to ‘sign-in’.

Venue & Times:

Bright Sparks meet in the nursery room (ground floor at rear of cafeteria – left hand room).
Bright Sparks may be signed in during the teaching time following the worship time in the main auditorium.
Babies aged up to 1 yr may join Bright Sparks accompanied by a parent (1 adult : 2 babies).
Please collect children promptly after the service.
Please keep your phone on vibrate during the service so we can contact you if needed. If you would like to get involved in leading or assisting with Bright Sparks, please email