House of Praise

House of Praise Church is a vibrant, non-denominational, Spirit-filled, Bible based, multi-language, church meeting in the heart of Chiang Mai, Thailand. We hold three separate Sunday services in English, Thai, and Burmese.

We have ministries for children of all ages as well as youth and young adults. We also have men’s and women’s ministries that meet regularly. At our campus we have a large Christian library of books in English and will be opening a coffee shop and restaurant soon.

At all of our services, you will find celebratory and reverent worship, practical life giving teaching from the Bible, and warm fellowship with people from a rich variety of personalities, backgrounds, and nationalities. We are here to help you!


Pastors Jonathan and Judy Vickers of Australia lead the House of Praise Church and a wonderful multi national staff. They have over 15 years of experience working in Thailand and over 30 years of experience in the ministry.

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A Typical Service

People come as they are, dressing in whatever way is most comfortable to them, yet still fairly modest. Some dress up and some dress down. Each Sunday begins with modern worship music played by a band that includes electric and acoustic guitars, drums, keyboard, and singers. Words are displayed on two large projectors at the front of the building.

Worship expressions range from loud celebration to deep reverence and stillness. After this time, the Pastor prays for the nation of Thailand and other prayer needs. He then greets the congregation and encourages them to greet one another. Recorded video announcements are made via the large screens at the front of the meeting. Birthdays and anniversaries are acknowledged for the month. After this, an offering is taken up as a continuation of the worship service. Guests are invited to participate, but are never under obligation.

A practical and life changing message is given from the Scriptures each week by one of the senior leaders. People are invited to respond to the message. We end the service with prayer for those who want or need it and with a final worship song. Once the congregation is dismissed they head down stairs to enjoy free coffee, tea, fruit, or snacks and getting to know one another better. Many times, fellowship continues on for lunch with friends at one of the many great restaurants of Chiang Mai.


House of Praise Church-Thailand is affiliated with the Christian Outreach Centre Churches International, yet embraces and contains members from a variety of streams or tribes in the global Body of Christ, the Church.

Christian Outreach Centre is one body of people, joined by relationship, meeting in many geographical locations. Our expressed aim is to win many nations for the Lord Jesus Christ as a people of one heart, one mind and one purpose.

House of Praise-Thailand is a vital part of this vision as it relates to Southeast Asia. House of Praise and its other church plants are under the legal protection of the Christian Outreach Centre Foundation Thailand as well as The Haven Foundation of Thailand, both related foundations officially registered and in good standing with the government of Thailand.